Music Tour Planning Essentials


Music tours play a great role in helping bands gain fame and popularity. Most of the first timers in music touring tend to assume that it is all about getting the vocals right and dressing to entertain. However, there is much more to that which needs to be achieved for a successful music tour like carhartt tuxedo tour. One of the main requirements is usually a band website and an online destination where your fans can get a closer touch of your music. Below is a summary of what you need to know when planning a music tour.

Planning music tours

Look for gig switches

You being part of a band means that you must have made friends witplay guitarh other music bands. One great way that two bands in conjunction can help each other build fame in their hometowns is by organizing gig swaps. The gig swaps are supposed to happen in a way that one band opens the stage for the other in their hometown and vice versa.


One avenue that can just give a band popularity is involvement with Press. Before touring a particular town ensure that you let the press know: the newspapers and the media houses. You can always avail yourself for interviews in the media houses as well as provide them with free tickets for them and their listeners who would wish to view your band’s live performance.

Spend a little

When planning a music tour, there is no point of emptying your bank account spending on merchandise that will not be beneficial. Before you go for a music tour have your band have a budget and plan on the least you can spend on the gigs while still maintaining the glamour needed to catch the audience’s attention.

Creating a flowing song list

Having a song list that lacks a flow may be quite unpleasant to your audience. While preparing for a music tour ensure that your song list consists of songs that flow together harmoniously without disjoints. With a harmonious song list, the crowd’s energy levels will go higher and higher thus keeping the band motivated to give their best.

Research on venues

The size of the venue you choose is majorly dependent on the number of people that you are expecting on the gig. Location is also key to enable your band and fans access it hassle free. Choosing a location that is difficult to access may limit the number of people that will make it to your event.

Sound and lighting

concertWorking with your own equipment and personnel in your tours may be a gateway to super amazing shows. However, it may be quite costly to have all that on board during your music tour. To avoid much expenditure you can hire out a venue with good sound and lighting and professional engineers for the same. If sound and lighting is not inclusive in the entire cost of the venue then you have to acquire a good deal that is not equivalent to you having your sound system and lighting on board.

The key to having a successful musical tour is an effective promotion technique. Before you tour a town, use every possible method to ensure that people get to know about it.